Full moon over Peso

Welcome to my latest painting. A scene set at night, though well-lit by the silvery light of the full moon. The tree in the foreground is the Cork Oak (the tree from which Portugal´s cork is harvested) and I find it´s always an interesting subject to study due to its often contorted shape and the fascinating patterns in the bark. The actual scene may look familiar, as it appeared in my previous blog as a watercolour painting (below this image).

Full moon over Peso, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40cm €420

The watercolour painting of the same landscape scene:

Alcaria do Peso landscape, watercolour on paper , 39 x 29cm €250

If you would like to view these or any other of my paintings “in the flesh” please contact me via the form below to arrange a convenient date.

Thanks and best wishes,




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Artist living and working near Monchique, Portugal

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