New Year’s greetings and last work of 2022

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good, peaceful and restorative Christmas and festive season.

As I was travelling to the UK to spend two weeks with my elderly mother, I left this last painting of 2022 to show you on my return.

It’s the neighbour’s farm again, inspired by a scene when the full moon was rising over the hill behind the farm, also partly from memory. My photograph was a reference and starting point, but didn’t influence the painting much more than that.

Full moon over the Neighbour´s Farm, acrylic on canvas, 53 x 43 cm €380

I’ve been working on ways of bringing some abstraction to my landscapes, and have tried a looser technique in parts, referring back to a way of painting which I used for a while many years ago. Birds also featured in my work of this previous era. I hope you enjoy it!

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With best wishes, and wishing you a Happy New Year,


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Artist living and working near Monchique, Portugal

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