Painting(s) for an exhibition

“Artists for Hope” (a collective exhibition by the Algarve Artists Network)Faro Museum, 11 June – 28 August (Algarve, Portugal) All artists are showing two paintings each, and my second painting is almost finished. Exhibition theme: As the world keeps on turning life goes on, despite all our recent challenges as a global community on thisContinue reading “Painting(s) for an exhibition”

Latest painting and upcoming exhibition

Hello! This month I’ve been working on two paintings: one of which was for the postponed exhibition with the Algarve Artists Network, Signs and Symbols, which is unfinished, and the other you will see here below… This is the view from Casais to the coast. I really like the shape of the hills, they areContinue reading “Latest painting and upcoming exhibition”

A beginning artist questions me on my working processes

A friend who is beginning to make her own creative artwork came up with some interesting questions about my working processes, which she found useful for her own practice of making art. My friend M. suggested that I could publish our Q&A in my blog… Hi Liz, I really admire your work, as you know,Continue reading “A beginning artist questions me on my working processes”

Tall Trees at Peso, A Winter Walk in the Mountains and Plum Blossom

These are the titles of the three paintings I’ve completed since my last newsletter / blog post. Two of the paintings are referenced from photographs and one from a sketch. I used to hold the opinion that painting from a photo was somehow cheating… though I have occasionally used photos before. When using a photoContinue reading “Tall Trees at Peso, A Winter Walk in the Mountains and Plum Blossom”

Uplifting art

Welcome to this latest blog newsletter from my studio. I trust this finds you in good health. Since last time, I’ve had a very nice article written about my work in the Portugal News, copied below and can be read online here:…/liz-allens…/64135 or you can see it at the end of this blog post.Continue reading “Uplifting art”

Newsletter from Liz’s studio winter 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and keeping warm if you’re in the northern hemisphere. As I write to you, I sit near my source of heat, the wood burning fire. It’s cold outsideā€¦ and the paintings I’ve just completed are ones I started in another era, only weeks ago but when it wasContinue reading “Newsletter from Liz’s studio winter 2021”