Liz Allen

Academic qualifications:
Art Foundation Course: Croydon College of Art and Design 1975-76
Bath Academy of Art, B.A. (Hons) Fine Art painting 1976-79

Liz Allen is an artist from Sevenoaks, UK. She left her hometown at 19 to study at Bath Academy of Art, after which she moved to London. Though intending to continue with painting, the necessity of earning a living took hold and painting was shelved for 14 years. During this time, Liz worked for the Arts Council and South Bank Centre in London, which possibly fed her desire to become a full time artist. In 1994, Liz moved to Brighton from London, and tired of commuting to London, left the job and began painting again. At first this was a slow process and her work from this early stage was mainly in monoprint and collage, inspired by travels to South America, India and Cuba.

Meeting Ganesh

In 2005, Liz moved from Brighton to Monchique in Portugal’s Algarve province, looking for a break from the materialism and stress of living in the UK. It was here that Liz’s painting style developed, aided by the quiet and remote location of her home studio, and the lack of distractions that seemed ever present in the UK.

The painting course at Bath favoured conceptual and analytical ways of working, which Liz found her new style of work had completely moved away from. Many of Liz’s paintings begin with a cartoon like drawing which is a direct and spontaneous response to her subject, and it is this which the painting is built on. The process of drawing and gathering information leads to the organisation of shapes on the flat surface and it is this development which directs the painting from beginning to end.

Liz’s particular use of colour, line and pattern make her work stand out as her own characteristically original and unique work.

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