New watercolour paintings

Over the past month or so, I´ve been busy with a new series of watercolour paintings.

An interesting discovery is that the rough paper I´ve used for most of these gives a softer look to the colours. I feel that watercolour shows its features best on rough textured or slightly rough paper, but I like the different effects of both types of paper.

Many will recognise these scenes, and I hope you enjoy the paintings.

The paintings are framed in standard display frames which are included in the price.

Monchique with bicycles, watercolour on paper, 49 x 39cm framed €350
A familiar view to many, our beloved Monchique main square. In fact the only square I think. Now the Velochique Cafe is in place, bicycles are ever present. This is the largest painting of this series.

The Neighbour`s farm disappearing behind trees, 29 x 39cm €240 framed
I expect many will remember the neighbour´s farm, as I have made several paintings of it over the years. The farmer died some years ago, and no one takes care of the place now, and less and less of the house is visible.

View from Alcaria do Peso with Cork Oaks and Medronheiras
watercolour on paper, 39 x 29cm €220 framed
A familiar view and subject in my paintings lately… I like the this kind of subject, giving the impression of the height of the mountain, with just a little sky showing.

Caldas windows, watercolour on paper, 29 x 39cm €190 unframed
A different drawing but a similar view to my earlier painting. As ever with time, trees and plants cover less or more of the scene.

Hot afternoon in Marmelete, 29 x 39cm €220
I had some time to wait around while the mechanic serviced my car, so I took a walk into the countryside at the end of his road. It was a bakingly hot August afternoon, and I had to stay in the shade. Colour was almost absent but the colours here are my impressions of the heat and the place.

Steep track from Foia, watercolour on paper 29 x 39cm … sold
I was exploring one Sunday and tried out a turning downwards from Foia, which I hoped would take me towards home, as it was getting late for lunch, and I´d told the dog I would be home then. Fortunately, this track lead me slowly down to Barranco do Pisoes, and I got home on time.

Old village houses, watercolour on paper 29 x 39cm ... sold
This is a scene I have painted a few times from different angles, but this one was a new one to me. and I liked the composition with the houses tumbling down the road. I might paint a version in acrylic on canvas.

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