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The past couple of months have seen the ending of one life situation and the beginning of whatever is taking its place. As ever, painting is what I continue to do, it gives me some purpose, some satisfaction, and some challenges. I sometimes wonder what I would do if I didn´t paint. I find it restorative, to be working contemplatively, alone. Though it can be a bit much living and working alone all the time. Such is life…

During the time spent at Barranco do Pisoes, mainly filling our water bottles from the font of spring water, I became aware of the dark spaces between the tall trees. I began to feel that they could lead to another dimension if one was able to pass through this dark space.

As some of you will know, Alvaro, my boyfriend was suffering from cancer. Strangely, while we were at the font filling our bottles, I felt that these dark spaces were infiltrating him, and becoming part of him and he was becoming part of them. Only later after he had passed on, I reflected on this as I worked on these paintings. I knew the Downstream painting which I painted first, had to be mainly purple and white. Upstream began to be more optimistic with the red hues glowing through, possibly symbolising (to me at least) that his transition had been completed, and all was well in the world of spirit.
This is what was going on in my life leading up to and while making these paintings, they will likely have other meanings and associations to the viewer!

As well as these two paintings, I´ve completed two watercolours, from which I´ll be making a larger acrylic painting.
The first is an updated Caldas de Monchique from a new sketch. A similar view to my popular watercolour of 2010 ,but now the growth of trees and the cutting of others means that the view is somewhat different.

The second watercolour is a view of the Convent…

I hope you´ve enjoyed my new paintings… and please do visit my studio if you would like to see them in real life. Just email or fill in the form below to arrange a convenient time to visit my studio.

With best wishes and thanks to all who follow my work,


Path to the water II

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4 thoughts on “New Paintings

  1. I am sorry for your loss. Transition can be difficult at times. I do enjoy your paintings. You have inspired me to paint using more feeling than the factual sight for expression. Your paintings do express feelings. Thank you for sharing your paintings and your words.

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