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Guitars, quinces and fans

Full moon over Peso

Welcome to my latest painting. A scene set at night, though well-lit by the silvery light of the full moon. The tree in the foreground is the Cork Oak (the tree from which Portugal´s cork is harvested) and I find it´s always an interesting subject to study due to its often contorted shape and theContinue reading “Full moon over Peso”

New watercolour paintings

Over the past month or so, I´ve been busy with a new series of watercolour paintings. An interesting discovery is that the rough paper I´ve used for most of these gives a softer look to the colours. I feel that watercolour shows its features best on rough textured or slightly rough paper, but I likeContinue reading “New watercolour paintings”

New Paintings

The past couple of months have seen the ending of one life situation and the beginning of whatever is taking its place. As ever, painting is what I continue to do, it gives me some purpose, some satisfaction, and some challenges. I sometimes wonder what I would do if I didn´t paint. I find itContinue reading “New Paintings”


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Guitars, quinces and fans

For this painting I decided to continue with the Cubist theme, inasmuch as using the repeated motifs of the guitars and fans. The quinces weren’t repeated, they were real! Well most of them were.
The painting began by laying the guitar onto an octagonal table top, and looking at how I’d like to arrange the painting. An internal frame was inserted, and the guitars repeated. The fans were placed, and the quinces drawn in. I started painting began in Veridian green and pink… which changed to red, then yellow and green, dark blue. I paint a lot of layers when using acrylic, to produce a flat even surface. Sometimes it takes quite a while to work out the colours so the layers will most likely consist of a variety of colours until I feel the painting ‘works’. This took a long time. I used different types of shading, linea ‘hatching’, vertical and diagonal, brushy shading and bubble dots.
It became a complex image, as I worked to resolve the balance between the guitars. I also used stencils for the floral pattern which overflows from the yellow central fan into the larger guitar.
Despite all this, the octagonal angles are still visible in parts and repeated lower down on the body of the central guitar.

About Me

Hello, it’s Liz here, of I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just made this new website to show my paintings to the world at large.

Since 2005, I’ve been living near Monchique in Portugal’s Algarve region, but am originally from the U.K. Since living in Portugal, I’ve found plenty of inspiration for painting, particularly in the landscape. I hope you’ll have a look around my new website and enjoy what you see.

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Still life with Guitars, Quinces and Fans
acrylic on canvas
54 x 54cm

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